Government Whitewash

What is the government recipe for whitewash?

"Take a half bushel of well-burned, unslaked lime, slake it with boiling

water, cover during the process to keep in steam, strain the liquid

through a fine sieve or strainer, and add to it 7 pounds of salt,

previously dissolved in warm water; 3 pounds of ground rice boiled to a

thin paste and stirred in while hot; half a pound of Spanish whiting and

1 pound of glue, previously dissolved by soaking in cold water, and then

hanging over in a small pot hung in a larger one filled with water. Add

5 gallons of hot water to the mixture, stir well and let it stand for a

few days, covered from dirt. It should be applied hot, for which purpose

it can be kept in a portable furnace. A pint of this mixture, if

properly applied, will cover a square yard."

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