Fertilizing Pear Orchard

I have pear trees 15 years old which have fruited heavily for years and

have never been fertilized. What is the best fertilizer for the soil

which is heavy, and when is the best time to apply it? I intend planting

rye to plow under in the spring, but thought possibly the fertilizer

should be applied first.

If you have stable manure available, nothing could be better for the

feeding of the trees and for its mellowing effect upon your heavy soil.

Application can be made at once, to be worked into the land when the rye

is sown. It will help the trees and give you more rye which in the end

will help the trees. If you have no stable manure available, what is

called by the dealers a "complete fertilizer" for orchard purposes is

what you should use and apply it when you work the land for rye.

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