Fertilizing Olives

What is the best means of fertilizing an olive orchard? My orchard gives

me a perfect quality of oil, but a poor quantity. My soil is dry

calcareous, red and gray, and is very thin in places, therefore, it

lacks moisture.

An olive orchard can be fertilized with stable manure or with a

"complete fertilizer," or with the special brands of different

manufacturers of special fruit fertilizers. But you must be sure that

your trees do not need moisture more than they need fertilizers, for

without adequate moisture fertilizers cannot do their best work. The

increase of the humus content of the soil, either secured by stable

manure or by the plowing under of winter-grown cover crops, is

desirable, as they not only give the trees more plant food, but make the

soil also more retentive of moisture. You will have to experiment along

this line to see just what is best for your trees.

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