Fertilizing Alfalfa

Can new cow manure be put on alfalfa? Is not the best way to use the

above as a fertilizer in form of liquid being run from barn via pipes to

a settling-tank and from there via irrigation ditches to the land to be

irrigated? What is the best way to get rid of cow manure so as to keep a

barn sanitary and the place free from stench?

Cow manure can be used to advantage on alfalfa. Corrals can be cleaned

up and the manure spread at the beginning of the rainy season. During

the winter the manure can be spread as it is produced and very good

results will be noticed in the growth during the following summer. It is

perfectly rational for you to use the liquid fertilizer as you propose

in connection with irrigation water, but this is not generally done

because of the cost of the outfit and the labor of handling the material

in that way. The best way to keep a barn sanitary is to keep it clean,

removing all the waste matter to a considerable distance daily, allowing

nothing to accumulate, and have the stable drainage arranged so that the

stable can be frequently flushed out into good drainage outlets,

carrying the water to grass or alfalfa land if possible.

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