Feed For Plow-horses

While doing heavy plowing, how many pounds of rolled barley per day

should I feed to keep 1300-pound horses in good condition? If I feed

part oat hay and part alfalfa hay, together with rolled barley, what

ration would be ample?

A ration used by the California Experiment Station was 12 pounds of

alfalfa hay, 11 pounds of wheat hay and 7 pounds of crushed barley for

1000 pounds of horse at hard work. The larger the horse the less food

for the amount of work he does in proportion to his size, so multiplying

these figures by 1.2 would bring a person somewhere near the ration for

a 1300-pound horse, and an approximation is as close as one can come to

any general ration. Probably more alfalfa and less of the other feeds

could well be given, since many farmers are succeeding in feeding

alfalfa exclusively.

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