Feed For Cows

What shall I feed cows when they are fresh and when they are dry!

When they commence to freshen, give some green feed, such as alfalfa or

corn; if possible, also give, say, two or three pounds of barley or

bran, and gradually increase this for two or three weeks until six or

seven pounds of bran or barley is being fed. Also give a small amount of

hay. Bran may be rather expensive feeding and a substitute is being

used. Take four parts of barley to one of bran and mix. With barley at

its low price, this makes rather inexpensive feeding. Another substitute

is to take the chopped alfalfa hay and barley. These are mixed

thoroughly together and moistened. After the cow freshens and gives her

full flow of milk, let her eat all the alfalfa hay she wants. A good

ration is about 15 to 20 pounds of hay, 6 or 7 pounds of barley or bran

and about 10 pounds of roots such as beets or mangels. When the cow is

dry, pasture is the best food, supplemented with some green food.

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