Feather Eating Is The Result Of Idleness Or A Shortage Of Green Feed

The best way to cure it is to furnish the fowls with exercise. Boil some

oats until soft, and when cooked stir in salt enough to taste and about

a quart of good beef scrap; feed this for breakfast several mornings

together. Make them scratch for the rest of their food in deep litter

and give them sour milk to drink if you have it. If sour milk is not

available, put a tablespoonful of flowers of sulphur in the boiled oats.

The object is to cool the blood and furnish exercise. See that the fowls

are supplied with mineral matter, such ash shells, bone meal and some,

sand if it can be had. It is surprising the amount of sand that chickens

will eat when carried to them in yards, so there must be a necessity for

it, and if they cannot get to it, it pays to carry a good box full once

in a while.

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