Dying Back Of Fruit Trees

I have a few orange and lemon trees that are starting to die. One tree

has died on the top. What kind of spray shall I use?

The dying back of a tree at the top indicates that the trouble is in the

roots, and it is usually due to standing water in the soil, resulting

either from excessive application of water or because the soil is too

retentive to distribute an amount of water which might not be excessive

on a lighter soil which would allow of its freer movement. Dig down near

the tree and see if you have not a muddy subsoil. The same trouble would

result if the subsoil is too dry, and that also you can ascertain by

digging. If you find moisture ample, and yet not excessive, the injury

to the root might be due to the presence of alkali, or to excessive use

of fertilizers. The cause of the trouble has to be determined by local

examination and cannot be prescribed on the basis of a description of

the plant. It cannot be cured by spraying unless specific parasite is

found which can be killed by it.

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