Drying Plums And Prunes

I have plum trees of various kinds that are loaded with fruit. I do not

know if any are of the variety used for drying as prunes: I know nothing

of the process of making or drying prunes. One man suggests that I dip

them for four or live minutes in a 3 or 4 per cent solution of lye and

then place them in the sun.

Dipping your plums is right providing they are very sweet, as they will

dry like prunes without removing the pit. If they are plums that are

commercially used for shipping, without enough sugar to dry as prunes,

the pit must be removed. Drying in this way, you do not need to use lye,

which is simply for the purpose of cracking the skin so that the

moisture can be more readily evaporated. There is no danger in using the

necessary amount of lye. Less is used than in making hominy.

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