Drying A Persistent Milker

My cow is to come fresh about the middle of next mouth, and in the last

two weeks her milk has changed in some way so that the cream makes very

yellow butter and comes to butter nearly as quick as when the cow was

fresh. Would it best for her to go entirely dry before coming fresh, or

will it be all right if she does not entirely dry up?

If your cow has been able to pick up any special amount of grass since

the rains came it might add to the color of the butter. A cow's milk

also gets richer toward the end of her lactation period, which may make

a richer cream and make the butter come quickly There does not seem to

be anything to worry about. The cow would probably do better if she

could become entirely dry before calving, but unless you can easily dry

her up it would be dangerous to try to force her to do so.

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