Dry Farming With Grapes

I have heard that they are planting Muscat grapes on the dry farming

plan. Will it be successful?

Grapes have been grown in California on the dry farming plan ever since

Americans came 60 years ago. Grapes can be successfully grown by

thorough cultivation for moisture retention, providing the rainfall is

sufficient to carry the plant when it is conserved by the most thorough

and frequent cultivation. Unless this rainfall is adequate, no amount of

cultivation will make grape vines succeed, because even the best

cultivation produces no moisture, but only conserves a part of that

which falls from the clouds. Whether grapes will do depends, first, upon

what the rainfall is; second, upon whether the soil is retentive; third,

upon whether you cultivate in such a way as to enable the soil to

exercise its maximum retentiveness. These are matters which cannot be

determined theoretically - they require actual test.

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