Double-cropping With Potatoes

I am told that here two crops of potatoes can be raised by planting the

second crop in August. I have five acres which will be ready to dig in

July. Can I dig these Potatoes and use them for seed at once for another

crop, or won't they grow? I have a crop of barley, and as it is heading

out now, I want to put potatoes on the ground after I take the barley

off. I have plenty of water to irrigate.

If your potatoes ripen in July and you allow those which you desire for

seed to lie upon the ground and become somewhat greenish, they are

likely to sprout well for a second crop. They should not, however, be

planted immediately. Whether you get a second crop successfully or not

depends upon how early the frosts come in your district. Whether you get

potatoes after barley or not depends also upon how much moisture there

remains in the soil. By irrigating thoroughly after harvesting the grain

and then plowing deeply for potatoes, you would do vastly better than to

plant in dry ground and irrigate afterward.

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