What can I use to disinfect poultry belongings?

Sulphuric acid spray is good, but you will need to be very careful that

you do not get it on the hands or clothing. Get 16 ounces sulphuric acid

(50 per cent solution), water 6 gallons. Have the water in a wooden tub

or barrel and add the sulphuric acid to the water very slowly, in order

not to splash it on the flesh or clothes. But mind: nothing but wooden

vessels to mix it in. When made according to directions, and of this

strength it is a very valuable disinfectant, but is dangerous to use of

any stronger mixing. After mixing, it can be stored in glass bottles or

earthenware jugs. Another very good disinfectant for poultry houses and

runs is the formaldehyde disinfectant. Formaldehyde 1 pint (40 per

cent), water 2 gallons. This is fine for houses that you can shut up.

Turn the fowls out of the building, close all windows, and spray

thoroughly, then close the door and leave it do the work. Air well by

opening windows and door several hours before the fowls go to roost.

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