Diseased Uterus Of Mare

I have a brood mare that has given me two fine colts, but for the last

two years I have not been able to get her with foal. She takes service

and then refuses service for three or four months, and about the time I

come to the conclusion that she is safe with foal she will pass off

great quantities of mattery substance. I have had her thoroughly washed

out with Lysol previous to breeding, but so far she has repeated this

performance each time about three or four months after service.

This is a disease of the ovaries or uterus; perhaps mumification of a

foetus. Irrigate with a normal salt solution (teaspoon salt to each pint

of warm water) only daily. Insert the solution through the neck of the

womb into the uterus. Give internally 1/2 ounce daily of Fowler's

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