Which is the best way to dehorn cows and calves?

The best time to dehorn cows is in the spring, before the fly season

starts. It is best not to have a cow too far along in calf before

dehorning, as she is very apt to lose her calf. It is also better to

dehorn before your cows freshen, because when cows are milking and are

dehorned they will go back in their milk a great deal for the first

month after the dehorning has taken place. Calves can be dehorned by

blistering the little buttons before they adhere to the skull. This is

very simple and not painful. First clip the hair about the horns and wet

the little loose button and apply caustic potash, in stick form, by

rubbing it on the damp horn. Remember, this must be done before the horn

adheres to the skull. Also remember not to use water enough to run the

lye away from the button and rub until the skin reddens. Also, look out

to keep your end of the potash stick dry or you may dehorn the tips of

your fingers.

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