Cutting Potatoes

What would be the most profitable potato to plant in the Salinas valley,

and how small can a potato be cut up for planting? How many eyes should

each piece contain in order to make a good growth and be profitable?

Probably the best potato for your district would be the Burbank, which

is largely grown near Salinas and brings the highest price. It is

customary to cut a medium-sized potato in two pieces and a large one in

four pieces. One can be very economical of seed by smaller cutting, but

it would require the most favorable conditions to bring a vigorous

growth. Probably pieces weighing not less than two ounces would be best

under ordinary conditions. Potatoes which are rather small may be used

for seed if well matured and have good eyes. It is dangerous, however,

to use the small stuff - too small for sale. Unless the soil and

moisture conditions are extra favorable, the growth will be weak and


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