Curing Citron

I wish to know a way to cure citrons at home. I have a fine tree that

has borne very fine-looking fruit for the past two years.

An outline for the preparation of candied citron is as follows: The

fruit, before assuming a yellow color, and also when bright yellow, is

picked and placed in barrels filled with brine, and left for at least a

month. The brine is renewed several times, and the fruit allowed to

remain in it until required for use, often for a period of four or five

months. When the citrons are to be candied they are taken from the

barrels and boiled in fresh water to soften them. They are then cut into

halves, the seed and pulp are removed, and the fruit is again immersed

in cold water, soon becoming of a greenish color. After this it is

placed in large earthen jars, covered with hot syrup, and allowed to

stand about three weeks. During this time the strength of the syrup is

gradually increased. The fruit is then put into boilers with

crystallized sugar dissolved in a small quantity of water, and cooked;

then allowed to cool, and boiled again until it will take up no more

sugar. It is then dried and packed in wooden boxes.

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