Crotch-splitting Of Fruit Trees

I have a young fig tree that is splitting at the crotches. I fear that

when the foliage appears, with the force of the winds the limbs will

split down entirely.

Perhaps you have been forcing the trees too much with water and thus

secured too much foliage and weak wood. Whenever a tree is doing that,

the limbs ought to be supported with bale rope tied to opposite limbs

through the head, or otherwise held up, to prevent splitting. If

splitting has actually occurred, the weaker limb should be cut away and

the other staked if necessary until it gets strength and stiffens. If

the limbs are rather large they can be drawn up and a 3/16 inch carriage

bolt put through to hold both in place; but this is a poor way to make a

strong tree. We should cut out all splits and do the best we could to

make a tree out of what is left. Then do not make them grow so fast.

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