Cowpeas And Canadian Peas

Would Canadian field peas and cow peas be valuable as a forage crop for

cows and hogs; also as fertilizer? Please tell us also when to plant,

how to plant, etc.

These plants are of high forage value as cow feed; also as a soil

restorative when the whole crop is plowed under green or when the roots

and manure from feeding add to the soil. But for either purpose the

result depends upon how much growth you can get, and that should be told

by local trial before any great outlay is undertaken. Canadian peas are

hardy against frost and can be broadcasted and covered with shallow

plowing as soon as the land is moist enough from fall rains - except in

very frosty parts of the State. They can also be sown in drills to

advantage. Cow peas are beans, and cannot be planted until frost danger

is over in the spring. They are only available for summer feeding, and

whether they will be worth while or not depends upon how much moisture

can be held in the soil for summer growth. They should be sown in drills

and cultivation continued for moisture conservation until the plants

cover the ground too much to get the cultivator through.

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