Cow Peas Not Preparatory For Corn

What time of the year can cow peas be planted, and can the entire crop

be plowed under in time for planting field corn?

Cowpeas are very subject to frost. They are really beans, and therefore

can be grown in the winter time only in a few practically frostless

places. Wherever frosts are likely to occur they must be planted, like

beans and corn, when the frost danger is over. Field peas, Canadian peas

and vetches are hardy against frost and therefore safer for winter

growth, and treated as you propose they may be preparatory for

corn-growing providing you plow them under soon enough to get a month or

more for decay before planting the corn.

Oats and Rust

Is there any variety of oats that is rust-proof, or any method of

treating oats that will render them rust resistant? We are situated on a

mountain, only about 12 miles from the coast, and have considerable

foggy weather, which most of the farmers here say is the cause of the


There is no way of treating oats which will prevent smut, if the variety

is liable to it. There is a great difference in the resistance of

different varieties. A few dark-colored oats are practically rust-proof,

and you can get seed of them from the seedsmen in San Francisco and Los

Angeles. Such varieties are chiefly grown on the southern coast. Foggy

weather has much to do with the rust, because it causes atmospheric

moisture which is favorable to the growth of the fungus, which is

usually checked by dry heat, and yet there are atmospheric conditions

occasionally which favor the rust even in the driest parts of the State.

The fog favors rust, but does not cause it. The cause is a fungus, long

ago thoroughly understood and named puccinia graminis.

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