Control Of Pear Slug

I am sending, under separate cover, some samples of cherry tree leaves

that have been attacked by a small snail or slug. Kindly let me know

what they are, and how to rid the trees of them.

The creatures you speak of are the pear slugs, or the cherry slugs, as

they are sometimes known. Although slimy, like the big yellow slug that

is a pest in vegetable gardens, it is no relation thereto, but is the

larva of an insect. Its olive green color, slimy appearance and the way

it eats the surface of the leaves make it about the easiest of all

insects to identify. Parasites and predacious insects usually keep it in

fair control. Whenever artificial methods of control are needed the

slugs can best be destroyed by sprinkling dust of any kind upon them. If

you can get a machine for sulphuring a vineyard and use some air slaked

lime or other fine dust, it will fix them quickly and inexpensively,

though any way of applying dust may be used.

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