Control Of Grasshoppers

This county is having trouble with the grasshoppers as are other

counties. Would you kindly inform me what I could do to exterminate them

on my young orchard?

The best thing for grasshoppers is to fix up a lot of poison. This is

made in the proportion of 40 pounds of bran, 2 pounds of molasses and 5

of arsenic, mixed together as a mash. They will take this wherever they

find it, even when nice green leaves are close by, but it has to be kept

moist. Grasshoppers can also be reduced by driving a "hopper doser" over

ground where they are. This is made somewhat like a Fresno scraper, but

is much longer and the bottom is covered with crude oil. When disturbed

the hoppers jump up and fall into the oil. Besides the poison, you

should also protect the trunk of the tree to prevent the hoppers from

climbing up it. This can be done by applying tree tanglefoot, or putting

on one of the tree guards that prevent climbing insects from passing up

to the leaves. The combination of poison and tree guards will give you

about all the protection you need.

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