Concentrates And Corn Stalks

Is it necessary to feed mulch cows any hay or concentrated feed in

addition to green corn stalks?

It is necessary. Green corn is an excellent thing for milch cows, but it

is a very unbalanced ration and needs alfalfa or something else to

balance it up. Green corn, for example, contains only about one per cent

of digestible protein and 11.5 per cent of digestible carbohydrates and

0.4 per cent fat, or a nutritive ratio of about 1 to 12 1/2. A proper

ration would be about 1 to 6 or 7, or less. To balance this up alfalfa

can be fed better than anything else in California, for that is very

rich in protein and the cheapest supply of protein that there is. If you

give the cows a good supply of alfalfa hay with the green corn, you will

have an ideal combination.

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