Composting Garden Wastes

You recommend making a compost of all scrapings, garbage, weeds, etc. Is

there any danger in having this in a pit near the house?

If you desire to put garden wastes, including manure, into a pit, the

only objection would be the heavy work of digging it out again. If you

allow waste water from the house to run into the pit, there would

probably be not enough dry material to absorb it, and the pit would be

not only objectionable on account of odors, but possibly dangerous to

health. The water would also prevent decomposition, because of exclusion

of air. At the same time, enough moisture to promote slow decomposition

is essential. It is usually more convenient to compost garden wastes on

the surface of the ground, enclosing them with a plank retainer, because

moisture can easily be applied with a hose, as desirable, the material

can be occasionally forked over to promote decay, and the heavy work of

digging material out of a pit is avoided. Such a collection is neither

offensive nor dangerous if handled right.

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