Clipping Hens For Cleanliness

My hens foul all the feathers below the vent; they appear healthy, but

do not look nice. What can I do?

Take a pair of scissors and clip the fluff away from that part of the

abdomen, give a teaspoonful of olive oil, and notice of they have any

discharge that is of an offensive color or odor. Sometimes it is nothing

but pure laziness with hens of the large breeds that causes this matting

together of the fluff below the vent. We rarely see hens of the small

breeds so affected. Whenever a hen soils her feathers clip her at once,

and, in fact, it is a good custom to follow in any case. When hens are

very heavily fluffed it interferes with the fertility of the eggs. In

such cases there is not anything for it but the scissors.

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