Cheap Preparation Of Land For Alfalfa

I am about to put a piece of land into alfalfa, and want to use the most

economical system of preparing the land for irrigation. My neighbors

tell me that it will be necessary for me to have the land leveled; at a

cost of $6 to $10 per acre. Now I am informed that in Alberta, and some

places in California, they do not go to the expense of leveling land,

but use a system of preparing land for irrigation at a cost of about 60

cents per acre.

Nothing except a highly educated gale of wind, with discriminating

cutting and filling ability of a very high order, could do it for that

price. The cheapest way to prepare land for irrigation is the contour

check method, which is largely used, or the flooding in strips between

levees at right angles to the supply ditch; but neither of these could

be put in properly for that money, even if the land was naturally in

such shape that a minimum amount of soil-shifting is necessary.

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