Cause Of Loss Of Cud

About three months ago a pure-bred Jersey commenced to fail on her milk

and soon went dry, although on good feed. Did not seem to be sick, but

did not eat ravenously as she generally did, and little was thought of

it. During the past six weeks she has failed rapidly. Does not chew her

cud, froths at the mouth, runs at the eyes, and when she eats anything

much it bloats her. In fact, she seems bloated all the time. She is

lifeless and will hardly move around, getting very thin, and hair

standing the wrong way. Is there such a thing as a cow losing her cud?

Most people imagine a cow's cud is something material. As a matter of

fact, in a certain sense the words appetite and cud are synonymous. You

can say a cow has lost her appetite or a cow has lost her cud. Now, any

sickness severe enough will cause a cow to lose her appetite. The

bloating is caused from indigestion secondary to some organic disease,

probably tuberculosis. Keep up the cow's strength by giving condensed

floods or drenches of egg-nogg, gruel or greens. Give warm salt-water

injections twice daily and give the following mixture: Quinine sulphate,

2 ounces; Antipyrine, 1 ounce; ammonia muriate, 3 ounces; alcohol, 1

quart; water 1 quart. Mix; give 2 ounces every four hours.

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