Cannibal Chicks

What can I do to cure my chicks of eating each other?

Some kind of animal food is necessary when the chicks begin to pick

toes, wings and vents. But the meat must always be cooked, the least bit

of raw meat drives them wild as does the blood they can bring on each

other. For that reason a strict watch must be kept to detect any case

before blood is brought. Remove all weak chicks as they always go for

the weakest, and as soon as one chick is picked on for a victim, remove

it at once. Some people paint the toes with tar or liquid lice paint,

but I have had the best success with bitter aloes mixed with water. A

nickel's worth covers a lot of toes. It is best to buy a powder, then

dissolve in a little water and paint wings, vent and toes. They won't

take many pecks at them when they find they are so bitter.

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