Budding Orange Seedlings In The Orchard

What are the objections or advantages of planting sour stock seedlings

where one wishes the trees and one or two years later bud into the

branches instead of budding the young stock low on the trunk?

Planting the seedling and at some future time cutting back the branches

and grafting in the head above the forks is an expensive operation and

loses time in getting fruit. You will get very irregular trees and be

disappointed in the amount of re-working you will have to do. Suckers

must be always watched for; that has to be done anyway, but a sucker

from a wild stock is worse in effects if you happen to overlook it.

Avoid all such trouble by planting good clean trees budded in nursery

rows. You may have to do rebudding later, if you want to change

varieties, and that is trouble enough. Do not rush at the beginning into

all the difficulties there are.

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