Bermuda Objectionable

Bermuda grass as pasture for summer to supplement burr clover and

alfilaria in winter on the cheap hill pasture lands along the coast or

the foothill ranges of the Sierras. Stock like it and do well on it, and

I have noticed it growing in places where it had no water but the little

rains of winter in southern California. So the question occurred to me,

why should it not be a profitable pasture for the dry summers on the

coast or foothill ranges of the State?

Bermuda grass will not make summer growth enough on dry pasture land to

make it worth having. It will not make much growth in the rainy season

because of frost, and if it has possession of the ground it will not

allow either burr clover or alfilaria to make such winter growth as they

will on clean land. Besides, this grass is generally counted a nuisance,

because it will get into all the good cultivated land and it is almost

impossible of eradication. Bermuda grass is of some account on alkali

land where it finds moisture enough for free growth. We would not plant

it in any other situation.

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