Beets For Stock

Will sugar beets grow on black alkali land? How many pounds of seed per

acre should be used and when is it time for sowing in the San Joaquin

valley? Which kind would be best for cows?

Beets will do more on alkali than some other plants, but too much alkali

will knock them out. You must try and see whether you have too much

alkali or not. You can sow at various times during the rainy season, for

the beets will stand some frost. Sow 8 pounds per acre in drills 2 1/2

to 3 feet apart, so as to use a horse cultivator. For stock you had

better grow large stock beets like marigolds or tankards - not sugar

beets. It costs too much to get sugar beets out of the ground, because

it is their habit to grow small and bury themselves for the sake of the

sugar maker, while stock beets grow largely above ground.

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