Beets And Potatoes

Which is the best for dairy cows, plain red mangels or a cross between

these and sugar beets? Can you suggest a more profitable variety of

potato than the Oregon Burbank?

If you can get a cross which gives you more tonnage than a mangel and a

higher nutritive content you would have something better to grow. The

first point you have to determine by growing the two side by side and

weighing the product; the nutritive value of each will have to be

determined by chemical analysis. Until these determinations are actually

made a comparison of desirability is nothing but conjecture. There are

several other potatoes which are sometimes more profitable here and

there for early crop when grown in an early locality. If you are not in

an early locality you are obliged to produce for the main crop, and

nothing, to our knowledge, sells as well as the Burbank, if you get a

good one.

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