Bean Growing

I want to plant beans of different varieties. The land is rich, black

loam with a little sand. When is the best time to plant? If planted

early, what shall we do to keep the weevils out of them?

It is desirable to plant beans as early as you can without encountering

danger of frost killing. No particular date can be mentioned for

planting because the dates will vary in different locations according to

the beginning of the frost-free period. The best way to escape weevil is

to sell most of the beans as soon as harvested, treating those which you

retain for seed, or for your own use, with bisulphide of carbon vapor or

by gently heating to a temperature not above 130 degrees, which, of

course, must be done carefully with an accurate thermometer so as not to

injure germinating power. Unless you know that beans do well in your

locality, it would be wise to plant a small area at first, because beans

are somewhat particular in their choice of location in California, and

one should have practical demonstration of bearing before risking much

upon the crop.

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