Barley For Hay Feeding

Should the barley for hog feeding be rolled, ground or fed whole, dry or

wet? Also, how much should be fed and how often to get best results?

To obtain the best results, the barley should be ground into a meal (not

too fine) and have the hulls screened or floated out. This is best fed

when made into a thick slop. Some good feeders believe in letting it

stand until fermentation sets up, that is, gets a little sour. We prefer

a sweet to a sour feed. However, hogs will do well on either, provided

there is no change from sour to sweet. The change is the bad part. Hogs

should be fed just the amount that they will clean up well, and no more.

A hog should always be ready for his feed at feeding time. We would not

feed oftener than twice a day: night and morning. - Chas. Goodman.

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