Asparagus Growing

What is the average commercial yield of asparagus to the acre in

California? Also, how long it takes asparagus to come into full bearing,

and what yield could be expected after two years' growth? Is asparagus

resistant to moderate quantities of alkali in the soil?

The yield of asparagus is from one to four tons of marketable shoots per

acre, according to age and thrift of plants, etc., the largest yields

being on the peat lands of the river islands. On suitable lands one

ought to get at least two tons per acre. Roots may yield a few days'

cuttings during their second year in permanent place; the third year

they will stand much more cutting, and for several years after that will

be in full yielding. Asparagus enjoys a little salt in the land, but one

would not select what is ordinarily called "alkali land" for growing it

- not only because of the alkali but because of the soil character which

it induces.

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