Application Of Manure Ashes

Having recently got a lot of manure plentifully supplied with redwood

shavings that had been used with the bedding, and being afraid to use

the same in that shape, as it takes such a long time for the wood to

rot, I reduced the pile to a heap of ashes. How can it be best applied

to ornamental trees and shrubbery in a light gravelly soil?

You have done unwisely in burning the manure. We would have taken the

risk of a single use of shavings for the sake of the manurial matter

associated with them, and this risk of too much lightening of a gravelly

soil would be especially small in connection with deep rooting plants

like ornamental trees and shrubbery. You have left merely the skeleton

of the manure, and much of that of doubtful solubility, if the

temperature ran very high by burning in a mass. You need not be fearful

about using these ashes. Scatter or spread them over the ground just as

you would have spread the manure, let the rains dissolve and carry down

what they can and go on with your usual methods of cultivation.

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