Almond Planting

I am contemplating the planting of about five to eight acres of almonds:

what variety is best to plant?

Before planting so many almonds, you should determine how satisfactory

the almond is in bearing in your location. Unless you can find

satisfactory demonstration of this fact, it is hazardous to plant such

an acreage. On the other hand, if you find that almonds are bearing

satisfactorily, the kinds which are perhaps most satisfactory to plant

are Nonpareil, Texas Prolific, Ne Plus Ultra and Drake's Seedling. The

Texas Prolific and Drake's Seedling are abundant bearers and profitable

because of the size of the crop, although the price is lower than the

soft-shelled varieties, Nonpareil and Ne Plus Ultra. These two varieties

are such energetic pollinizers that they not only bear well themselves,

but force the bearing of the larger varieties mentioned. Every third row

in your plantation should be either Texas Prolific or Drakes' Seedlings,

which would give you two-thirds of the larger varieties and one-third of

the smaller. There are, of course, other soft-shelled almonds which are

worth planting and are being considerably planted in localities where

they do well. This you can ascertain by inquiry among local growers and

nurserymen. The planting of a good proportion of active pollinizers is

the most important point.

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