Almond Hulls And Sawdust

Is there any fertilizing value in the hulls of almonds? Would pine

sawdust from the lumber mills be a good substance to mix in and plow

under in a three-acre adobe patch in order to loosen and lighten the

soil for truck gardening?

Almond hulls have considerable fertilizing value, but they are slow to

decompose, and, therefore, may be a long time unused by the plant. They

also have a good feeding value for stock, and if you can expose them in

the corral so the stock can eat as they like, this is the best way to

get them into fertilizing form. If they can be cheaply ground their

availability as a fertilizer would, of course, be quickened. Redwood

sawdust is better than pine sawdust, but any kind of sawdust can be made

to serve a good purpose in mellowing heavy soils if not used to excess

and if there is plenty of moisture to promote decay.

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