Almond And Peach

With water-table at 18 feet, which root is best for almond trees? The

experience around here is that the peach root starts best. Which root is

most durable? What is the life of the peach root and of the almond?

It is not merely a question of depth to water, but of character of the

soil above the water. Neither of the roots will stand heavy soil which

holds water too long, and both enjoy a free loam which drains readily

down to the water-table or bottom water. If the soil is rather sandy,

letting the water down very quickly, the almond is better in getting to

it than the peach. If it is finer and still well drained the peach will

do well, and the almond enjoys that also. The almond probably can be

counted on to stand coarser soil and greater drouth than the peach and

under such conditions will outlive the peach, probably, but both of them

will live twenty to thirty years or more if pruned in the head to get

enough new wood and the trunk is kept from sunburn. Aside from this

choose the almond root for the almond.

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