Alfalfa And Alkali

I sowed several acres of alfalfa seed with a disc this season and none

of it has come up. I think the reason for it not coming up is that the

disc put it into the ground too deep. We sowed some by hand and it came

up very well. Is there any probability that later in the season this

seed will germinate, or has it rotted in the ground? Water stands within

three feet of the surface and has considerable alkali. What can I plant

on this land and get a crop? It is our intention to sow it to alfalfa

next fall. The land adjoining, although higher, has a good stand of

alfalfa now.

You are right about covering the alfalfa seed too deeply. It is not

likely to appear. Your chance of getting a durable stand of alfalfa on

such shallow soil over alkali water is not good, but you can hardly

determine that without trying. Sometimes conditions are better than you

think; sometimes worse. The plant itself is the best judge. On your

lower land you could probably get a better stand of rye grass than

anything else - sowing at the beginning of the rainy season. Of course,

however, even that will depend upon how much alkali you have to deal


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