A Summer Hay Crop

What can I put on the land after the oat crop is taken off to furnish

hay for horses during the coming winter? I had thought millet would be

good. I have water for irrigation.

You could get most out of the land you mention during the hot season by

growing Kafir corn or milo, cutting for hay before the plant gets too

far advanced. If your land can be flooded and takes water well, so that

you can wet it deeply before plowing, the sorghum seed can be broadcast

and the crop cut with the mower while the stalks are not more than half

an inch in diameter. This makes a good coarse hay. If you have not water

enough or the land does not lie right for flooding, you can grow the

sorghum in drills and irrigate by the furrow method, being careful,

however, not to let the crop go too far if you desire to feed it as hay.

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