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Soils, Fertilizers And Irrigation

Moonshine Farming
Soil Depth For Citrus Trees
I Have A Top Soil Of Rich Loam Containing Small Rocks And Pebbles
Soils And Oranges
Oranges Over High Ground Water
Depth Of Ground-water
W E Wahtoke
Summer Fallow And Summer Cropping
I Own Some Hill Land Which Has Been Run Down By Continuous Hay Cropping
Soils And Crop Changes
Summer-fallow Before Fruit Planting
Defects In Soil Moisture
Dry Plowing For Soil And Weed Growth
Treatment Of Dry-plowed Land
For A Refractory Soil
More Manure Water And Cultivation Required
Planting Trees In Alkali Soil
Planting In Mud
High Hardpan And Low Water
Depth Of Cultivation
Alfalfa Over Hardpan
Trees Over High-water
We Would Not Plant Such Land To Fruit At All Except A Family Orchard
Soil Suitable For Fruits
For Blowing Soils
More Than Dynamite Needed
Improving Heavy Soils
For A Reclaimed Swamp
Improving Uncovered Subsoil
Sand For Clay Soils
Plowing From Or Towards
Dry Plowing And Sowing
Artesian Water
Treatment Of Alkali
Alkali Gypsum And Shade Trees
Distribution Of Alkali
Plants Will Tell About Alkali
Litmus And Alkali
Using Gypsum For Alkali
Blasting Or Tiling
Effects Of Blasting
The Sub-soil Plow
Sour Soil
Old Plaster For Sour Land
Application Of Manure Ashes
The Best Fertilizer For Sand
Fertilizers In Tree Holes
Wood Ashes And Tomatoes
Prunings As Fertilizer
Gypsum On Grain Land
Gypsum And Alfalfa
What Gypsum Does
Wood Ashes In The Garden
Coal Ashes In The Garden
Liming A Chicken Yard
Poultry Manure
Ashes And Poultry Manure
They Also Have A Good Mellowing Effect On Heavy Soil
Caustic Lime Not A Good Absorbent
Too Much Chicken Manure For Young Trees
Summer Pruning Is An Offset For Excessive Wood Growth
Suburban Wastes
Composting Garden Wastes
Composting Manure
Barnyard Manure And Alkali
Stable Manure And Bean Straw
Roofing A Manure Pit
Value Of Animals In Manure
Value Of Fresh And Dry Manure
Shavings In Stable Manure
Handling Grape Pomace
Sheep And Goat Manure
Hog Manure And Potatoes
Fertilizer For Sweet Potatoes And Melons
An Abuse Of Grape Pomace
Manuring Vineyard
Bones For Grape Vines
Reviving Blighted Trees
Fertilizing Pear Orchard
Fertilizing Olives
Consult The Trees
Results Of Fertilizing Olives
Nursery Fertilizers
Almond Hulls And Sawdust
Fertilizing Fruit Trees
Fertilizing Oranges
Cow Stable Drainage For Fruit
Seed Farm Refuse As A Fertilizer
Slow Stuff As A Fertilizer
Lime On Sandy Soil
Lime On Alfalfa
Fertilizing Alfalfa
Fertilizing Corn
Scrap Iron As A Fertilizer
Kelp As A Fertilizer
Applying Thomas Phosphate
Sugar Factory Lime For Fertilizing
- If Your Land Needs It At All
Nitrate With Stable Manure
Nitrate Of Soda
Fertilizing Strawberries
Late Applications Of Nitrate
Charcoal Is A Medicine Not A Food
Humus Burning Out
Straw For Humus
The Best Legume For Cover Crop
Cowpeas For Cover Crop
Garden Peas For Green Manure
Grass For Green Manuring
California That I Am Very Much Puzzled Which Kind To Select
Manure With A Clover Crop
Fenugreek As A Cover Crop
Improvement Of Cementing Soils
Needs Organic Matter
Two Legumes In A Year
Handling Orchard Soil
The Old Policy Of Clean Winter Cultivation Has Been Largely Abandoned
Soaking Seeds
Irrigating Palms
Water From Wells Or Streams
Condensation For Irrigation
Winter Irrigation
Irrigated Or Non-irrigated Trees
Too Little Rather Than Too Much Water
Possibly Too Much Water
Too Little Water After Dynamiting
Irrigating Young Trees
Many Such Arrangements Of Boxes Perforated Cans Pieces Of Tile Etc
Underground Irrigation
Irrigation Of Potatoes
Irrigated Or Non-irrigated Apples
Irrigating Walnuts-checks Or Furrows
Summer And Fall Irrigation
Fertilizers In Irrigation Water
Irrigating Alfalfa On Heavy Soils
Sewage Irrigation
Creamery Wastes For Irrigation
House Waste Water