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Diseases Of Animals

Wheat And Barley For Feeding
Abscess Of Parotid Gland
Forage Poisoning
For A Scabby Swelling
An Easement In Bloat
Fatal Skin Disease
Shoulder Injury On Mare
Horse With Worms
Horse With Itch
For A Bowel Trouble
Abnormal Thirst Of Horse
Depraved Appetite
Good Dentist Needed
Kidney Trouble
For Chronic Indigestion
5:30 P M Being Fed At 7 A M?
Wound Sore
Warts On Horse
We Use Sulphuric Acid The Results Were Favorable From The Very Start
Kidney Trouble In Horse
Castration Of Colt
For A Chronic Cough
Mix And Give Tablespoonful Three Times Daily
Chronic Indigestion
Have Had Her Teeth Attended To So She Chews Her Food Well
For Short-wind Or Heaves
Fungus Poisoning
Treatment For Horse's Feet
Use Leather Tar And Okum And A Dish-shoe
For A Cleft Hoof
Stiff Joints
Treatment For Nail Puncture
Pregnancy Of Mare
Diseased Uterus Of Mare
Solution Of Arsenic
Deep-seated Abscess
This Mule Should Be Operated Upon At Once By A Qualified Veterinarian
Cure For Cocked Ankles
Paralysis During Pregnancy
Bloody Milk
To Cleanse Cows
Treatment For Caked Bag
Infectious Mastitis
A Mangy Cow
The Sheds Should Be Cleaned And Whitewashed
Irritation On Back Of Udder
Enlarged Gland On Neck
Lumpy Jaw
A Neck-swelling
This May Be Tubercular Or The Result Of Foxtail Etc
Cow Chewing Bones
Swelling On The Dewlap
Barren Heifers
A Sterile Cow
Supernumerary Teat
Infection Of Udder
The Cow Has Infectious Mastitis Due To Introduction Of Some Infection
Lumps In Teats
Wound In Teat
Injury To Udder
Blind Teat
Cow Pox
Cause Of Loss Of Cud
Calf Dysentery
The Discharge Is Very Dangerous To Other Animals
Bovine Rheumatism
Bleeding For Blackleg
Poor Feeding Depraved Appetite
Cows Swallowing Foreign Substances
Defective Urination
I Have A Cow That Seems To Be In Good Health And Gives Plenty Of Milk
Infectious Conjunctivitis (sore Eyes)
What To Do Against Tuberculous Milk
Effects Of Ill-feeding Pigs
Sore Eyes In Pigs
Hog Cholera
I Have A Number Of Pigs Which Have Been Ailing For Three Weeks Or So
Pneumonia In Pigs
B Wintringham
General Prescription For Hog Sickness
Pigs Out Of Condition
Paralysis Of Sow
4 Ounces Olive Oil She Will Recover After Parturition
Rickets In Hogs
Pigs Losing Tails
Over-fat Sow
I Give Her Half A Dozen Potatoes Every Day
Musty Corn For Pigs
Wounds And Wound Swellings
Fly Repellants