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Live Stock and Dairy

50 Per Cent Was White While The Balance Was Yellow And Went To The Top
A Free Martin
Bad-tempered Jerseys
Breeding A Young Mare
Breeding In Line
Butter Going White
Butter-fat In Sweet And Sour Cream
Concrete Stable Floor
Cows For Hill Country
Cream That Won't Whip
Cure For A Self-milker
Draining A Wet Spot
Drying A Persistent Milker

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One Thousand Questions In California Agriculture Answereds

- If Your Land Needs It At All
1/2 Pounds Gain In Weight Per Day
10 Cents A Hundred For Crushing And The Hauling
18 To 20 Inches Above The Ground
3/4 To 1 Pound Of Rolled Barley Or Corn For Each 100 Pounds Live Weight
4 Ounces Olive Oil She Will Recover After Parturition
5:30 P M Being Fed At 7 A M?
A Dry Mash
A Mangy Cow
A Neck-swelling
A Point On Mating
A Sterile Cow
A Summer Hay Crop
A Wrong Idea Of Inter-planting

Whitewashes For Stock Buildings

I desire whitewash recipes which have given durable results on

It is so desirable to make outbuildings neat and clean, and so important
to keep trees from sunburning, etc., that a durable whitewash as cheaply
and easily made as possible is very important. The following are
commended: No. 1 - To half a bucketful of unslaked lime add 2 handfuls
of common salt, and soft soap at the rate of 1 pound to 15 gallons of
the wash. Slake slowly, stirring all the time. This quantity makes 2
bucketfuls of very adhesive wash, which is not affected by rain. No. 2 -

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