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Live Stock and Dairy

50 Per Cent Was White While The Balance Was Yellow And Went To The Top
A Free Martin
Bad-tempered Jerseys
Breeding A Young Mare
Breeding In Line
Butter Going White
Butter-fat In Sweet And Sour Cream
Concrete Stable Floor
Cows For Hill Country
Cream That Won't Whip
Cure For A Self-milker
Draining A Wet Spot
Drying A Persistent Milker

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One Thousand Questions In California Agriculture Answereds

- If Your Land Needs It At All
1/2 Pounds Gain In Weight Per Day
10 Cents A Hundred For Crushing And The Hauling
18 To 20 Inches Above The Ground
3/4 To 1 Pound Of Rolled Barley Or Corn For Each 100 Pounds Live Weight
4 Ounces Olive Oil She Will Recover After Parturition
5:30 P M Being Fed At 7 A M?
A Dry Mash
A Mangy Cow
A Neck-swelling
A Point On Mating
A Sterile Cow
A Summer Hay Crop
A Wrong Idea Of Inter-planting

Whitewash Requires Some Kind Of Grease In It To Make It Most Durable

Any kind of grease, even though it be old and partly spoiled, will
answer all right, though tallow is best. The grease imparts to the
whitewash an oil property the same as in good paint. Tallow will stay
right on the job for years, and the cheapest of it will do. In order to
prepare this grease and get it properly incorporated into the white
wash, it is necessary to put the grease in a vessel on the stove, and
boil it into a part of the whitewash so as to emulsify it and get it
into such condition that it can be properly incorporated with the
whitewash mixture. No. 3 - For every barrel of fresh lime, add 16 pounds
of tallow, 16 pounds of salt and 4 pounds of glue, dissolved. Mix all
together and slack; keep covered, and let stand a few days before using.
Add water to bring the right consistency to spread readily. For nice
inside work strain it. When less than a barrel of lime is used, the
quality of the wash does not seem so good. It is better to apply hot,
but it does well cold.

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