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The Clover And Timothy
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The Oat Crop
Two Crops Of Wheat
Two Legumes In The Rotation
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Crops And Methods For Soil Improvement

A Bit Of Arithmetic
A Clean Seed-bed
A Few Combinations Are Safest
A Practical Test
A Southern Legume
Acid Phosphate
Acquaintance With Terms
Adaptation To Eastern Needs
Affecting Physical Condition
All The Nitrogen From Clover
Alsike Clover
Amount Of Application
Amount Of Manure
Amount Per Acre

Two Crops Of Wheat

A common practice has been to grow two crops of
wheat, seeding first in the corn stubble-land, and plowing the ground
for the second wheat crop, making a smooth surface for mowing. This
method ceased to pay well when wheat became low in price. It has the
advantage of giving two cash crops to the rotation.

Where winter wheat does not thrive in the north, it is dropped out, and
the seeding to clover and grass is with the oat crop. There is the
compensation of a large oat yield where the climate is too cold for a
good crop of wheat.

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