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Counting The Cost
Cutting The Trenches
Depth Of Trenches
Establishing A Grade
Kind Of Tile
Locating Main And Branches
Material For The Drains
Permanency Desired
Size Of Tile
The Grade
The Laterals
The Modern Fallow
The Outlet

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The Outlet

The value of any drainage system is dependent upon the
outlet. Its location is the first thing to be determined. If the land
is nearly flat, a telescope level should be used to determine
elevations of all low points in the land to be drained. The outlet
should permit a proper fall throughout the length of the system, and it
should not require attention after the work is completed. If it is in
the bank of a stream or ditch, it should be above the normal level of
the water in the stream. In times of heavy rainfall water may back up
into the main with no injury other than temporary failure to perform
its work, but continuous submersion will lead to deposits of silt that
may close the tile.

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