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Counting The Cost
Cutting The Trenches
Depth Of Trenches
Establishing A Grade
Kind Of Tile
Locating Main And Branches
Material For The Drains
Permanency Desired
Size Of Tile
The Grade
The Laterals
The Modern Fallow
The Outlet

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Size Of Tile

The size of the main depends upon the area that
eventually may be drained, the amount of overflow from higher land, the
nature of the soil, and the grade of the drain. It is a common mistake
to make the main too small because the drainage immediately
contemplated is less than that which will be desired when its value is
known. In the determination of the size the judgment of an expert is
needed, and if this cannot be had, the error should be on the side of
safety. If the main will not be required to carry overflow from other
land, and has a fall of 3 inches to 100 feet, one may assume that a
6-inch main will carry the surplus water from 12 to 20 acres of land,
and an 8-inch main will carry the water of twice that area. Some
drainage experts figure larger areas for such mains, but there is
danger of loss of crop when the rainfall is very heavy.

The laterals need not be larger than 3 inches in diameter when laid on
a good bottom.

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