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Separator As Milk Purifier

I have a neighbor who contends that a cream separator purifies the milk
that passes through it. I say that it does not purify the milk. I agree
that it does take out some of the heavy particles of dirt and filth, but
that it cannot take out what is already in solution with the milk.

The purification naturally cannot be very great, and if milk is produced
in unsanitary fashion, running through the separator will do little, if
any, good. Nevertheless, the separator does remove more than just the
solid particles of dirt. The purifying comes by leaving behind the
separator slime, so called, the slimy material left behind after a good
deal of milk has been run through. In fact, some creameries separate
milk, only to mix milk and cream again, largely for the purpose of
removing the impurities found in the slime. In this slime are not only
the impurities that fall into the milk, but also some of the fibrous
matter that is part of the milk, and this gathers, being pulled out by
gravity as are the fat particles, it seems to gather with it a few more
bacteria than remain in the milk itself. Material in real solution, as
sugar is in solution in water, naturally is practically unaffected by
separation. You are, therefore, right to the extent that you cannot
produce unsanitary milk and clean it with the separator, but your
neighbor is right to the extent that the separator does remove some
impurities and is used just for that purpose. There is also in the dairy
trade a centrifugal milk clarifier which is constructed in somewhat
similar manner to a cream separator, but acts differently on the milk in
not interfering with cream rising by gravity when separated cream and
milk are mixed after cleaning.

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