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Diseases of Animals

4 Ounces Olive Oil She Will Recover After Parturition
5:30 P M Being Fed At 7 A M?
A Mangy Cow
A Neck-swelling
A Sterile Cow
Abnormal Thirst Of Horse
Abscess Of Parotid Gland
An Easement In Bloat
B Wintringham
Barren Heifers
Bleeding For Blackleg
Blind Teat
Bloody Milk
Bovine Rheumatism
Calf Dysentery

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One Thousand Questions In California Agriculture Answereds

- If Your Land Needs It At All
1/2 Pounds Gain In Weight Per Day
10 Cents A Hundred For Crushing And The Hauling
18 To 20 Inches Above The Ground
3/4 To 1 Pound Of Rolled Barley Or Corn For Each 100 Pounds Live Weight
50 Per Cent Was White While The Balance Was Yellow And Went To The Top
A Dry Mash
A Free Martin
A Point On Mating
A Summer Hay Crop
A Wrong Idea Of Inter-planting
Acres Of Oranges To A Man
Adobe And Peanuts
Age For Mating

Irritation On Back Of Udder

I have a yearling heifer which has sore teats and blotches just back of
her bag which seem to itch. Her mother had a sort of eczema on her neck.
I fear her sore teats will spoil her for milking when she comes in next

The following treatment is advised: Drench with 1 pound of Epsom salts
dissolved in a couple quarts of water. The sores may be treated by
washing them with a 2 per cent solution of one of the coaltar
disinfectants, such as creolin. After the sores have been allowed to dry
naturally, a very little powdered calomel may be dusted thereon. Do this
every other day for a few days.

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